Advertise or Underwrite your business on Redeeming Radio

Are you a Christian business owner with an online business or maybe you do business both online and at a physical location? Are you looking to attract more customers to your website and/or physical location? Then why not advertise or underwrite one or more of Redeeming Radio’s many originally-produced and syndicated Christian programs heard around the clock!

Redeeming Radio is your home for Bible-based, Christ-centered programming on the web. Redeeming Radio can be heard by way of our online player by simply clicking on the “listen” tab on our website, as well as downloading our mobile apps for your Android and Apple phones and devices. Our originally-produced Christian content includes: Praying The Word with Pastor Rich Bennett, Growing in Grace with Pastor Geoff SchultzTransformed and Rooted with Dr. David Mabry, Centered On Christ with Pastor Jason Oesterling, On Fire with John Lasko, Midday Praise Cafe, Journeying Through God’s Word, In The A.M., and others premiering on Redeeming Radio throughout the year. Some of the syndicated programming featured on Redeeming Radio includes:  UnShackled!, A New Beginning with Greg Laurie, Summit Life with Pastor J.D. Greear, Unlocking The Bible with Pastor Colin Smith, In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley, License To Parent, Impact Radio, Groundwork, and Worship with Andy Chrisman just to name a few. We also have a dynamite five-hour block dedicated to children’s Christian programming heard every Saturday morning beginning at 6 a.m. eastern.

Advertising on Redeeming Radio

It’s simple and easy. Redeeming Radio can customize 30 to 60-second spots which will air before and after specified programming or throughout the week during an agreed upon duration. Spots can be created and produced here in-house at the Redeeming Radio studio’s located in Mansfield, Ohio or Redeeming Radio will air your already pre-produced spots. Please contact John Lasko at (216) 242-2848 or for more information.

Underwriting on Redeeming Radio

Underwriting is different than advertising. Rather than having a full-fledged commercial produced for your business, it’s an on-air acknowledgment containing the name of your business, web and/or physical address, contact information (including the phone numbers, email/website), as well as a list of products and services. A business owner provides Redeeming Radio with a financial grant for which we give, in return, thank you announcements designed to inform listeners about businesses who support Redeeming Radio. Please contact John Lasko at (216) 242-2848 or for more information.

The BEST part about either advertising or underwriting your business on Redeeming Radio is that Redeeming Radio listeners will know that YOU support Christian radio!