More information on our progress and plans

As of September, 2014, Redeeming Radio has already secured children’s programming like Lamplighter Theatre and Jonathan Park. Discussions are underway with Pastor Arnold Fleagle, lead pastor of Trinity Evangelical Free Church and acclaimed author, to highlight his new devotional for new Christians and other programming that correspond with some of his other books and devotionals.

I also have plans to start programming and highlighting established and upcoming Christian music artists, as well as programs geared towards specific people and their careers (i.e. businessmen, truck drivers and others whose career takes them from home for periods of time). Unfortunately, Satan has a great influence in this area with adult oriented stores on exits along the highway, pornography available in hotel rooms and gambling in some states.

Programming continues to develop at a measured pace as I seek the Lord’s approval of the preachers, teachers, children’s programming and music which will be heard on Redeeming Radio!