Redeeming Radio

The time and money invested in Redeeming Radio has been so incredibly worth it! Ever since the Lord revealed His plan for my life more than a year ago, I’ve been able to recruit both Pastor’s and Bible teachers who were excited when presented with the opportunity to expand their ministries beyond their church pulpits, finding and leasing an affordable office space, purchasing the necessary equipment and furnishings for the studio, beginning the process of recording and editing Redeeming Radio originally-produced programming, as well as having minimal challenges and obstacles to deal with throughout this entire process. Also, I wish to thank the other ministries for allowing Redeeming Radio to affiliate with and broadcast there Christian programming. These include Lamplighter Ministries; the International Fellowship for Christians and Jews; ReFrame Media; We Kids Radio; Majesty Music; Dr. Gene Getz;  CRW Radio; Trace Embry Founder and Executive Director of Shepherd’s Hill Academy; Dr. Tim Whitehead, Executive Director of Impact Radio and Creation Moments. Redeeming Radio is living up to its name as your home for Bible-based, Christ-centered programming on the web.

Yes, there is no doubt that the Lord has been working in and through me, these Pastor’s and through the radio station. I strongly believe this is what the Lord wants me to do with my life. The Lord has and continues to be involved in helping me to get to the point where a launch date can be decided upon.

I want to sincerely thank you for your patience, interest, monetary donations and prayers during this entire process. It’s been long and at times … challenging. But, the results have been positive and continue to pay off. I want to thank all of you who have visited Redeeming Radio’s website, liked Redeeming Radio’s Facebook page and have followed Redeeming Radio on Twitter.

Don’t forget about our Bible-based, Christ-centered originally-produced programs. These are Growing In Grace with Pastor Geoff Schultz; Transformed and Rooted with Dr. David Mabry; Journeying Through God’s Word; Midday Praise Cafe; In The A.M.; Praying The Word with Pastor Rich Bennett and On Fire with John Lasko just to name a few. Redeeming Radio adds excellent Bible-based, Christ-centered preaching and teaching programs every month!  I hope you are excited as I am about the launch of Redeeming Radio. Please stay tuned for the launch of Redeeming Radio. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me by calling Redeeming Radio at 216.242.2848 or emailing me at

Your brother in Christ,

John Joseph Lasko III, President, and CEO Redeeming Radio